Shop Retail Security System CCTV HD Cameras

In today’s life CCTV is in high demand in Pubs, Shops, Car Parks, Public Areas, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Butcher Shops, Retail corners and almost everywhere.

CCTV Security

A CCTV or Closed Circuit Television monitoring system is a video surveillance that gives you peace of mind on a number of occasions. This systems comes with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that stores all of the recorded footage.

Continuous 24/7 recording during working hours or at night through infrared night vision cameras allows you to keep a close eye of what is happening at your premises while you are or away from it.

We at Shelf Craft Ltd provide our customers an efficient and affordable security system. For commercial usage we prefer HD Cameras which are available now a days at a competitive price. Whether you own a Convenience Store, Cafe, Pub or a Restaurant; you can keep yourself safe and avoid all fraudulent activities, robberies and incidents such fire, whose footage might be helpful for you in dealing with your Shop Insurance.

We have a 30 year experience of offering best shopfitting services to our customers and we offer installations of the HD Cameras around important locations around your premises to cover maximum area.

Installing a CCTV system for the purpose of security and peace of mind on your business is 100% legal in UK and its your legal right. While working alone in shop or on shop counter its hard to keep an eye everywhere in your business premises and hence it is a perfect target for pickpockets and shoplifters. We can offer you a complete Security System from Security Lights, HD High Resolution Cameras and Burglar Alarms.

When it comes to efficiency and cost effectiveness our name comes under the trusted suppliers / installers of CCTV Security system.

Should you have any query regarding the latest equipment, installation and costing please feel free to contact us for a free quote.